Expand + Empower 
Build a Bigger Business without the Burnout!
Are you ready to scale and grow your business this year–but don't want to work 24/7 to make it happen?

If you're a big-dreaming entrepreneur with big goals & ideas (and like a zillion filled-up journals to prove it) who doesn't take consistent action as often as you'd like, you're in the right place.

Here's the deal --- When you don't take consistent action, you don't get consistent growth.

If you’re ready to: 
  • Stop the overthinking + procrastinating that has made it hard to grow your business without being stressed out, worried, and SCARED most of the time
  • Cut out the fear that rules your life + makes it hard for you to reach bigger goals than you ever have before 
  • Create new income opportunities that don’t require you to constantly trade your time for money and allow you to reach more people
  • Get booked out in advance so that you’re not constantly worrying where your next Paypal deposit or client payment is coming from
  • Get some serious accountability that will prevent you from staying stuck in your comfort zone as you go after new opportunities that scare + excite you at the EXACT same time
  • Increase your productivity and get rid of that massive to-do list once and for all
What your business needs is NOT another course that’s going to clutter your inbox + overwhelm your brain.

You need accountability. You need personalized support. And you need someone by your side every step of the way as you grow your business –and grow out of your comfort zone– and you chase after new, business-boosting opportunities that both scare + excite you.

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over + over + expecting different results.”
This year, you’re going to DO different, so you can GET different (and better!) results.
Expand + Empower
A 6 month group coaching + mastermind program that will pump up your mindset, give personalized strategy for success and action steps you need to take to make this thebest year yet (for both you + your business!).

Imagine having a business that’s twice the size you have now–and making money consistently.
As a mastermind member, you can expect to:
  • Work on your mindset, so you develop true confidence in your ability to step up as a leader and grow your community (and stop making excuses for playing small)
  • Decide which offers are working + which aren’t, so you know exactly where put all that Starbucks-fueled energy + focus when trying to book clients
  • Figure out how to create irresistible products and services that help your clients + customers solve their biggest problems (aka offers that basically sell themselves because they’re so on point) 
  • Develop + put multiple income streams in place (yep, even passive ones!) and secure your financial freedom (because putting all your eggs in one basket is only smart on Easter Sunday)
  • Have ongoing, personalized support to take your business to new levels of success in 2017, with way less stress 
Working with Nicole I was finally able to take action, gain some momentum, and move forward in my business. Nicole helped me to clarify my business goals, and I was able to finally cross off so many of the things that were lingering on my "to-do" list for far too long. While Nicole provided great feedback and guidance, she also listened to my own ideas and concerns and encouraged me to move past my comfort zone. However, she did so in a way that allowed me to feel aligned and authentic regarding my business. I'm grateful for Nicole's help!
Niketa Joshi
Previous mastermind members have:
  • Grown communities + lists of thousands of ideal clients–from scratch!
  • Booked themselves solid with perfect-for-them clients in programs that ranged from 3 months to 1 year
  •  Launched + sold out new courses + memberships!
  • Created new dream businesses + left old, unaligned ones behind
  • Quit their day jobs and went into their business full-time while staying financially stable
  •  Secured speaking opportunities + led workshops in their zone of genius
  • Launched brand new websites with services that energized them + brought in their dream clients easily
  • Increased their visibility tenfold with guest blogging + interview opportunities
"In the first month, I doubled my income and signed on 5 new clients. "
I launched a new business just a few months before the Expand + Empower Mastermind. I knew I had a good idea, but I was stuck. I wondered if I’d ever be able to grow my business like I’d seen successful women entrepreneurs do before. I was attracted to Nicole’s mastermind because of her focus on building a bigger business without working 40+ hours a week and doing it with a network of fellow women entrepreneurs. And I started building a bigger business immediately after starting the mastermind. In the first month, I doubled my income and signed on 5 new clients. 

The biggest thing for me during the mastermind was Nicole’s strategy. She taught me how to put strategy behind every business to-do in order to see bigger, better results. I feel so much more confident about my business and my ability to reach my goals. I kind of knew what I doing before, but now I know exactly what I need to do to keep clients coming in and keep my income growing. In such a short amount of time, I reached my goal income and made leaps and bounds saving up to buy a new car in cash. 

By the end of the mastermind, my income had almost tripled and I signed on 8 new clients for 3-6 month long contracts. My email list has doubled and after 4 months, I’m almost booked out! 

I can’t say enough about Nicole and our fantastic group of women. 
Rachel Schroath
Feelin’ it? Here’s exactly what you get as a member:
  • 2 monthly group coaching calls with hot seats and individual coaching + support (so you can learn from each other’s businesses as well!) -- we will be broken into smaller groups for these calls so you will get a LOT of attention!
  • Around-the-clock access to our private Facebook community so that you can get consistent, daily feedback + accountability as work on your goals
  • Live Masterclasses with red hot experts on specific business topics like selling, copywriting, websites, and more (I’ll be choosing the experts based on YOUR needs!)
  • Implementation weeks so you can take ACTION on your plans to scale your business + increase your impact
  • A new network of support, encouragement + #bizbesties from the other masterminders (This is one of the most powerful parts of the program -- I’m still best friends + collaborate with some of my former mastermind partners!)
  • PLUS a Bonus Work-with-Me Session where you’ll have access to me and get my personalized feedback, support + strategy as you work through a project
Nicole helped me get on my feet in my business and really get myself started. I think she is a great fit for women who are ready to take action in their lives, who want to be successful and who want to be the boss of their lives and destinies!
Katherine Parrott
What's Included
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls (2 per month) VALUE $4200
  • 1 LIVE Work Session VALUE $1000
  • 6 LIVE Guest Masterclasses + Q&A (1 per month) VALUE $3000
  • Private Online Community for Support + Accountability VALUE $6000
  • 6 1:1 Coaching Calls (1 per month) VALUE $3000
  • E-Mail access VALUE $5000
  • TOTAL VALUE $22,200
    (Payment plan available)
*No Financial Obligation for Applying and Payment Plans Available*
Before working with Nicole, I was anxious about spending money on my business. Was it the right time? Was my business legitimate enough to spend money on? However, after doing one of Nicole’s smaller programs and seeing the results and feeling more clear on my goals, I trusted Nicole.

Through working with Nicole, I’ve become more confident and focused. I’ve more than doubled my blog traffic and grown my subscriber list more than 200%! I’ve also created structures to help me plan and track business growth in the future.

Nicole is amazing at giving actionable, honest feedback and is incredibly responsive. Be prepared to work and put in time and energy but Nicole is great at guiding you as you learn to do things yourself, and that’s what I found so valuable! She helped me develop skills I can continue to use in the future.

I would absolutely recommend Nicole and her services to other entrepreneurs looking to get clear and grow their business.
Jessica Cording

What happens after I submit my application?

1. Within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail about scheduling a call with me. 
2. We’ll chat so I can learn more about your business + how this mastermind can help you reach your goals. 
3. If we decide it’s a good fit, then you’ll pay your first month as a deposit (or you can pay in full for a discounted price!).
4. Once I receive your deposit, you’ll get a welcome packet + questionnaire so I can learn more about your business.
5. You’ll receive access to the private community shortly after that!
6. You’ll be able to grow + accelerate your business success soon after.

What day + time are the coaching calls?

Group calls will be Mondays at 11:30 am est starting August 14. The group calls will be at the same day/time 2x per month.

What if I miss any of the calls?

There will be recordings of the calls and of course you can ask any questions you have in the private community at any time so it will be like you didn’t miss out on anything.

What kind of businesses are in the mastermind?

There are mostly service-based businesses in the mastermind like coaches, therapists, writers, energy healers, etc. However, we’ve had artists, shop owners + others join us in the past + receive amazing results.

Who can I contact for more info?

Nicole will schedule a call with you after you submit your application so you can get your questions answered then. If you have any more questions before then, you can e-mail Sarah the Communications Manager at support@nicoleliloia.com.

Working with Nicole in her masterminds has provided me with the support and focus that I needed to get my business off the ground quickly. 
With her guidance I was able to quickly get clients when I launched my business and I have grown my new Facebook group to over 1500 members so far! She is always there when I felt frustrated or overwhelmed and helped me get back on track when I get distracted by all the things I want to so I can stay focused on what will help me make a profit. Thank you for all you've done Nicole!
Tessa Armstrong
About Nicole
I’m an entrepreneur obsessed business strategist who helps women entrepreneurs make money doing work they love.  I help them develop multiple income streams that allow them to scale their business without stress so they can have the freedom + flexibility to work less and travel more. I've created a multiple 6 figure business in 2 short years (while spending winters in Mexico!).

I’m ready to help you do whatever it takes to scale your business this year.

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